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Cultural Centre Vanha Paukku

Culture, nature and events

Lapua has something in store for everyone; come and explore, and good time is guaranteed! Cultural Centre Vanha Paukku offers a wealth of things to see and do, including several museums, exhibitions and charming shops. Travel back in time and explore the captivating Jokilaakso Gardens and the rural homemaking school that taught students for more than one hundred years and still stands proudly among the flowering greenery. Whether you are visiting in summer or winter, relax in the natural tranquility of Luonto-Simpsiö and let the nature trails lead you to an enchanting view from the observation tower. If you are visiting in the winter, slip your ski shoes on and descend in style!

In the heart of Finland, along the way to everywhere

Lapua lies at the junction of important national routes. Did you know that you can reach us by train or car, or even take a bicycle if you’re in a neighbouring town?

The journey from Lapua to Seinäjoki or Kauhava takes only 20 minutes, and with Vaasa only an hour’s drive away, even the sea isn’t far.

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