Lapua Cathedral

Lapua Cathedral dates back to 1827 and was designed by C.L. Engel. The cathedral is home to the largest pipe organ in Finland, which has 85+6 stops.

The churchyard also hosts a memorial to those buried in Karelia, a memorial to Finnish jaegers, an angel sculpture created by Finnish sculptor Yrjö Liipola to commemorate the Winter and Continuation Wars and a monument to the fallen of the Finnish Civil War.

The bell tower located next to the cathedral is the oldest building still in use in Lapua. The side of the bell tower is also home to Lapua’s ‘vaivaaspoika’, or ‘pauper boy’, created by Heikki Mikkilä, a carpenter known for his work on pauper statues, most likely in 1837. Restoration work on the statue was completed in 2013. Such statues were alms boxes and were used to collect money to help the poorest members of the parish.

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