Visit to Kosola House – Story of Vihtori and Elin

Kosola House – a large Ostrobothnian house on the bank of the Lapuanjoki river – has an exceptionally colourful history. On the eve of Finnish independence, it functioned as a hidden weapons cache and a node in the network the Finnish Jäger Movement used to transport members between Finland and Germany. In the tumultuous years immediately following Finnish independence, it quickly became a place virtually anyone in the country could pick out on the nation’s political map.

What kind of a man was the house’s most famous resident, leader of the radical right-wing Lapua Movement, Vihtori Kosola?

What kinds of lives did Vihtori and his wife Elin lead at Kosola House?

The house is currently undergoing an extensive restoration. Some of its rooms are nearing completion, while work is still very much underway in others. We are currently offering narrative tours of the house to groups. During these tours, visitors will also have the chance to explore the different stages of the restoration project.

Special considerations:

  • We recommend wearing good walking shoes and weather-appropriate clothing
  • As the house is under renovation, it is not currently appropriate for young children
  • The house is not accessible: stairs, thresholds, etc.
  • Please observe any safety instructions

Additional services: Groups can add additional services such as refreshments and/or a meal to their programme.

Group size:

Min. 5 people


1 – 1 1/2 hours


– 20 people or more: €13.10 per person
– 10–19 people: €23.85 per person
– 5–9 people: €39.80 per person

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