What is Lapua?

Lapua is a place you might just come to love!

Lapua is a friendly and idyllic town near Seinäjoki, in the heart of South Ostrobothnia. The town, with a population just shy of 15,000, has a habit of surprising visitors with its gorgeous gardens, natural sights and rich culture. Finnish national roads 16 and 19 intersect only a short distance from central Lapua, which makes the town exceptionally easy to get to, whether you’re here to sample everything it has to offer or just passing through.

Cultural Centre Vanha Paukku, Simpsiö Ski Centre and the town’s museums, galleries, studios, theatres, events, swimming spots and sports competitions, halls and fields are more than enough to keep both Lapua residents and visitors busy. Between Lapua’s fields and rivers, as well as the Simpsiönvuori hill, there is no shortage of ways to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature.

Whether you want to spend your day alone, with a friend or loved one, or with your whole family – all go or all slow – we know you’ll love it here.

Nature and Culture

Lapua is best known for its rich history and love of sports, and for many, the name also conjures memories of the Lapua Cartridge Factory explosion. For a small town, Lapua is exceptionally culturally active. In the nineties, the site of the former cartridge factory was reclaimed and became home to a new cultural centre that houses the City of Lapua’s museums, public library, music school, adult education centre, tourist information centre and cultural services. In addition to the town’s arts and cultural services, the area also hosts businesses and associations. Explore events, shows and much more in our event calendar.

In the summer, the town’s attractions also include the wonderful Jokilaakso Gardens with their vivid flowerbeds and Luonto-Simpsiö, which offers fantastic opportunities to enjoy nature.