Enjoying the Outdoors on Simpsiönvuori Hill

Rising from the flat, forested plain, the peak of Simpsiönvuori hill sits 100 metres above the surrounding area and 132 metres above sea level. Simpsiö offers rich experiences and diverse opportunities for exercise and sports all year round.

The nature of Simpsiö has a wealth of trails for hiking, exercise and, if you’re visiting in the winter, cross-country skiing. Simpsiö is home to the largest multi-sloped ski centre in Western Finland. And, if you want a taste of ice swimming, the Hiihtomaja ski lodge has you covered: https://lapua.fi/kulttuuri-vapaa-aika-ja-matkailu/liikuntapalvelut/muut-liikuntapaikat/hiihtomaja/

In addition to signposted nature trails, you will also find a mountain bike trail, a network of fixed orienteering points and fitness stairs with approximately 800 steps, four resting points and a length of about 400 metres. What’s more, Simpsiö’s forests are bursting with wild berries and mushrooms.

Finally, Simpsiö’s observation tower has a treat in store: the sight of the plains stretching into the distance in every direction below you.

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