Kosola House

Kosola House has served many functions: farmhouse, Finland’s first rural bookstore, business premises, inn, node in the Finnish Jäger Movement’s network used to transport members between Finland and Germany, hidden weapons cache during the Weapons Cache Case, headquarters of the Lapua Movement and office and bookshop of the Herättäjä-Yhdistys association, a Lutheran religious organisation belonging to the Finnish Awakening movement. The house was originally constructed for rural tradesman Anders Wikman in 1861, building on what remained of a house that had stood on the site since the late 18th century. 

Kosola House has a colourful history. Many of the most famous people of the time lived, worked and visited there, including Kauhava’s famous ‘ugly sheriff’ Adolf Hägglund, influential organiser Aliina Lahdensuo, author Artturi Leinonen, head of the Lapua Movement Vihtori Kosola and a large number of leading figures in the Awakening movement, such as author Armas Antila and Professor Jaakko Elenius.

Kosolan Talo Oy is currently restoring the house as a tourist attraction. The first group-oriented tourist services can be found on the Kosola House website.

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