Lapua Art Museum

Lapua Art Museum’s exhibitions, which rotate three times a year, focus on visual arts. The museum’s exhibitions can be distilled down to four general themes: Ostrobothnian art, works of young artists, foreign art and pieces by nationally significant artists.

Lapua Art Museum began with a collection donated to the City of Lapua in 1998 by Lapua-born Master of Laws with Court Training Pauli Laurila. The old surface treatment plant, which was part of the area belonging to Vanha Paukku and which used to be part of the Lapua Cartridge Factory, was renovated and turned into an art museum to house the collection. Lapua Art Museum opened its first exhibition on the 1st of October 2006.

Lapua Art Museum has an important mission as a provider of cultural services, exhibitor of modern art and builder of a diverse society, both locally and nationally.

Entry to the museum is free.

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